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Rakuen Minamino Flowright

Rakuen Minamino Flowright
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♪ love seasons ♪
♫ name
rakuen minamino flowright
▪ in japanese, rakuen means heaven
▪ minamino as well as flowright is the family name of two characters i like
▪ usually appear in full name, or rakuenm.f. or rakuenhitachiin or rakuenflowright, 'cuz rakuen is too simple for someone else to use first and full name is too long to be accepted
▪ like to be called rakuen only, or rak as abbreviation

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♫ me
▪ vietnamese
▪ fangirl
▪ april the 29th, 1990
▪ always treat respectfully to elder people, wanna younger do the same
▪ almost typical taurus, just a little bit weird in mind
▪ shy, smile easily, cry easily also but not in public place
▪ forgive without difficulty, don't wanna hate any, however too hard to be kind again to those force me to hate them
▪ easy to talk, hard to be friend
▪ not strong, still try to be
▪ wanna do everything by myself
♫ love
▪ friends and family
▪ manga, anime
▪ twins, twincest, brother complex
▪ music, fiction book
▪ graphic making, fanfiction writing
▪ foreign language studying, like english, german, korean in current
▪ orange, blue, orange and blue, grey, white
▪ cloud, shining sky, rainbow, wind, sea and ocean, pure water, ice
▪ animal or pet, especially dog and cat and turtle
▪ chocolate, delicious food
▪ embraces
▪ teddy
▪ 96, 13, 12.4.5
▪ anything important
♫ hate
▪ crack-brained or brainless one
▪ hypocrite, liar as well
▪ insects, especially cockroach
▪ being forgotten
▪ exam
▪ sleeping in class, who can help me quit?

♫ fandom
▪ ouran koukou host club: hikaru hitachiin, kaoru hitachiin, hikarukaoru
▪ super junior: yesung/kim jongwoon, kim kibum, kangin/kim youngwoon (i like kim family?!), the triangle
▪ tsubasa reservoir chronicle: fye d. flowright, tomoyo-hime
▪ not get crazed with someone else in current